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Chocolate Peanutbutter  **
Chocolate cake with alternating layers of peanut butter frosting and fudge with mini chocolate chips

Coconut Cream **

Coconut cake, layers of coconut buttercream and chocolate meringue

Vanilla Bean* **

Vanilla cake with layers of Madagascar vanilla bean meringue
Add: splash of strawberry marmalade (Very thin on every layer)

Mexican Hot Chocolate **

Spice cake with layers of Abuelita ® chocolate buttercream, fudge and triple chocolate pearls

Red Velvet **

Classic, moist red velvet cake with cream cheese filling between all layers

Pink Velvet *

Pink Vanilla cake, layers of strawberry butter cream and a layer of strawberry splash.

** w/out splash

Black and White  **

Marble cake, with alternating layers of vanilla bean meringue and fudge butter cream. Great with mini chocolate chips!

Fiesta **

Confetti cake with layers of sweet cream butter cream
Sub: Strawberry or fudge

Dulce *

Vanilla cake with bits of toffee and butterscotch baked in layered with splash of dulce de leche and Italian meringue

Chocolate Chip Vanilla Bean **

Vanilla cake studded with chocolate chips, filled with alternating layers of vanilla butter cream and fudge

Classic Chocolate **

Chocolate cake filled with layers of fudge

Lemon Meringue

Lemon cake, filled with layers of vanilla meringue

Neapolitan **

Vanilla bean, fudge, and strawberry butter cream layered between vanilla, chocolate, and pink vanilla cake

Marble Mocha

Marble cake with layers of coffee meringue, fudge and chocolate chips

Oreo ** *

Vanilla cake with lots of Oreo ® pieces baked in with alternating layers of Oreo® buttercream and fudge

Carrot Cake*
Our signature Carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream
Can take out raisins and walnuts if preferred 

S'mores *
Chocolate cake with alternating layers of marshmellow and buttered graham, and ganache. 
Sub: Fudge**

Peanutbutter Chip* **
Chocolate chip cake with alternating layers of peanutbutter buttercream and fudge

Customer Favorite * 

Fondant Friendly **

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