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Cake Consultations

Booking an appointment allows you to meet with a decorator to go over designs, details, and pricing. Once that is finalized, you will sample 6-8 cake flavors that are pre-chosen and we go from there!! We kindly ask at the moment to stick to 2-3 people Max per consultation. 

The $15 fee goes toward your cake when you book. 

Odyssey, Knollwood Country Club, Braemar Country Club, and Porter Valley Country Club consultation fees are all free as we are their preferred vendors. Package cakes are linked here: 

Follow up appointments are only meant for those who previously had a cake consult and just need to make changes on an existing order. 

We also offer gluten and dairy free appointments for an additional charge. You can select that option when booking the appointment. 


You do not have to book on the spot on the day of your consult. We will advise you on a timeline of booking, but please note that some days do book up faster than others. Therefore, we can't guarantee we can accept your order if you do not book right away. 

Deposits and booking: Currently, we are allowing clients to put a minimum deposit down. We have a NO REFUNDS, STORE CREDIT ONLY policy. 

DELIVERY: If we are delivering the order, The FINAL PAYMENT is due 2 weeks prior to your event. 

IN STORE PICK UP: If you are picking up the order, the FINAL PAYMENT is due at pick up.


May 12th, 2024 

June 16th, 2024 

July 3rd-July 7th, 2024 

November 28th-29th, 2024 

December 24th, 2024- January 1st, 2025


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